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Leaders, How About a New Role in the 2nd Machine Age?

With change comes leaving behind the old and stepping into a new beginning. The year has changed but you don’t have to change job to take on a new role.

Change is constant in today’s global economy and that implies new growth, new activities, and a new role. Organizational changes have opened the way for a new kind of leadership for both managers and team leaders, transformational leadership.

Being a ‘Transformational Leader’ is about what it can be rather than what it is. It is about realizing “your transformational vision” for your team, your projects, your unit, your department, your business, your organization... It is about your best contribution as a leader to people and organizations that depend on you for direction.

This New Year is the opportunity to embrace your transformational ideas, vision and be guided to implement them fully all year long. You can do that by:

  • Spending more energy on the future than the past by taking action now, starting with your strategic plan

  • Shifting your focus to your vision so that it becomes your reality

  • Learning and implementing new skills

  • Engaging with, being supported by and being part of a "Transformational Leaders Master Mind group"

There is a reward in and at the end of the process of your old role being renewed into a new role and purpose. When we take action and are ready, new opportunity arises for us.

Nadia Vincent


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