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Inspiring People And Businesses To Self-Reinvent & Thrive In The New Digital Age.

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M. NADIA VINCENT is an author, professional keynote speaker, Senior Business and Technology Management Consultant, MIT Certified Digital Transformation, AI and Innovation Executive Advisor, and an award-winning Top 10 Global Though Leader.


She earned a Master of Business Administration degree (MBA) from UBI with a specialization in Information Technology Management. Nadia also is a Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) Certified Digital Transformation Executive Advisor.

A global IT Management Consultant with over two decades of experience in the American and European continents with Fortune 100 companies, Nadia possesses great experience managing high-profile business transformation projects, including leading international and offshore teams, in different sectors.

She has led and implemented many business and IT transformation projects in industries such as international banking, trading & settlement, financial services, energy distribution, electronic payments, insurance, European airline traffic control, retail market, petrol distribution, and the European government.

Nadia has delivered professional speaking both on-site and virtual for authority companies and associations such as Microsoft, SAP, PMI, Nordic Project-Management, Engati, International Telecommunications Associations, and many more. 

She holds two MIT Sloan School of Management Executive Certificates respectively in Strategy and Innovation and, in Management and Leadership. Furthermore, Nadia is also MIT certified in Artificial Intelligence Executive Advising. Nadia is the author of the books The Digital Transformation Success Formula; and Leveraging Digital Transformation. 

Strategic, results-oriented, empathetic, and creative, she is on a mission to helping executives and organizations transform their business, improve team performance, innovate, and succeed in the digital age while improving individual happiness.

Nadia travels throughout the world delivering speaking engagements related to leadership, change management, digital transformation, and innovation. She fluently speaks English, French, Spanish and Creole. An accomplished project/program manager, speaker, and trainer, over the years, Nadia has developed many training and coaching programs for various international organizations. She is also a regular PMI Global contributor and trainer.

Originally from the Caribbean, Nadia has lived and worked in numerous countries throughout the world, and currently resides in Brussels, Belgium.

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Dear Nadia, Thank you for your participation in PMI Talent & Technology Symposium 2019! ! It was a great day, and the event was very well received by our members. Your session received great feedback and certainly contributed to the overall success of the conference. 


Below are some of the comments received for your session:

  • "Great presentation! Looking forward to utilizing what I've learned with my team!"

  • "Outstanding... Excellent content and fact describing what employees are experiencing in 2019. I really received much value from this presentation"

  • "From her examples, Nadia knows transformation. The examples were substantial. The formula was great; especially, taking fear out of the process."


Thanks again for participating and making this event so successful! All the best,

Laura Laura Schofield,  Digital Communities - PROJECT MANAGEMENT INSTITUTE (PMI) 

M. Nadia Vincent’s speech on individual transformation makes me feel empowered, hopeful and gives me the courage to use her suggested steps to reinvent myself and my business for the new digital age.  

Glenn Adams

Nadia made a great point in a recent episode of Digital Transformers: "Often we think digital transformation is about technology changing everything and that humans will be lost. That’s not true… Humans are making transformation happen."

Scott W. Luton



Leveraging The New Digital Economy 

Leveraging the new digital economy is a frank talk with business leaders about the latest opportunities in the digital economy and how to go on materializing them into business success, regardless of their industry. I address digital innovation, business opportunities, the global market, the new business intelligence, the digital tsunami that we are experiencing with the COVID-19, and possible crisis of the future.

After following this session, leaders should be inspired and have a clearer vision of the direction where they should take their business for outstanding prosperity in the 2nd machine age. 


Leading Digital Transformation

Leading Digital Transformation is an inspiring keynote or workshop (at choice) calling out for purposeful, engaging, and visionary leaders to contribute to transforming their organizations and creating our new reality in the 2nd machine age. While engaging participants to play their role, it also provides professional insights into five critical aspects of digital transformation.

1. Organization’s dynamics and leadership
2. Futuristic innovation
3. New business intelligence
4. Digital technology adoption
5. Business transformation 

Futuristic Innovation Beyond Automation

I lead the participants to understand how they should innovate strategically toward a future transformative vision. Many innovation initiatives can be called automation, sadly. There is nothing new except the actor that becomes the machine, and that is a wrong approach to innovation that will leave many companies fighting to survive soon. 



In this inspiring workshop, I open the participant's minds to see beyond their current reality and develop innovative and transformative visions. Then I suggest how they can quickly test, create prototypes, and realize these visions in a short timeframe without breaking the bank.

IT's Your Call, Self-Transform Now!

It's your call. Self-Transform Now! is a speech about self-transformation, endurance, and finding one's mission and purpose in a new world continually being reinvented.


There is a message for everyone: employers, employees, the unemployed, the new generations, and anyone asking themselves, "what now?"


Regardless of your situation, I empower participants to take charge and help them take the first steps toward self-transformation and digital growth.

Other References

PMI: How to implement IT change projects successfully and gain team engagement



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  1. Digital Transformation Governance & Leadership (Workshop Series)

  2. Adopting Artificial Intelligence in Your Business Today.    

  3. Strategy for Developing an Innovative Organization    

  4. Executive Intelligence Today    

  5. The Digital Transformation Success Formula      

  6. Improving Employee Experience for Better Digital Transformation Results    

  7. The Extendable Benefits of Improving Customer Experience   

  8. Digital Technology Implementation, How to Deliver in Time and on Budget   

  9. Leading Enterprise-Wide Digital Transformation    

  10. Organizational Alignment or How to Go from the Valley to the Mountain Top   


Nadia delivers her speeches in different formats, depending on the situation.

Here is a list of some formats she delivers.

  • Professional Keynote

  • Short speech

  • Panel

  • Workshops


Nadia regularly delivers professional workshops and training both online and onsite. You may find out more in the learning menu.

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