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Unleashing Your Business Success With World-Class Innovation Strategy & Digital Technologies.

Are you ready to ignite your business potential, revolutionize your digital strategies & technologies, and achieve extraordinary success?

"Business Reinvention and Digital Automation Accelerator: Unleashing Your Business Success with World-Class Innovation Strategy and Digital Technologies", is the ultimate live course & continuous private group coaching program designed exclusively for business owners and leaders like you. Embark on a captivating, continuous and life-changing business transformation and innovation journey with us, led by the renowned and multi-awarded Top 10 global thought leader, M. Nadia Vincent, a globally recognized visionary and trailblazer in the fields of business digital transformation leadership, artificial intelligence, business and technology innovation, digital disruption and business continuity. ​A certified Executive Advisor from MIT SLOAN, M. Nadia Vincent boasts an impressive track record of over two decades in transforming businesses internationally, spanning from Fortune 100 companies to smaller enterprises. With her extensive experience, she brings unrivaled expertise and invaluable insights that have the power to shape your perspective and ignite the future of your business. This is an exclusive opportunity you can't afford to miss—learn from one of the industry's foremost experts, along with several other distinguished guests, and unlock the potential to transform your business in ways you never imagined possible.


Over the course of this intensive accelerator, M. Nadia Vincent, an MIT SLOAN Certified Executive Advisor and Top 10 Digital Transformation & Innovation Thought Leader, will guide you on a thrilling journey of business reinvention and digital automation. This program is carefully crafted to equip you with the knowledge, skills, and strategies needed to thrive in today's fast-paced digital economy.

Named one of the 30 Most Inspiring Women in Artificial Intelligence (AI), and with over two decades transforming businesses ranging from Fortune 100 to small businesses, Nadia will help you reinvent and automate your business intelligently, whether you're a seasoned entrepreneur or a senior business leader. Unlock the true potential in your business and take it to new heights of success. Please see the course curriculum below.



Module 1: Ignite Your "Business Vision"

  • Master your business' vision: Chart your business' own path to success

  • Embrace digital Innovation and agility in your vision to Thrive

Module 2: Revolutionize Your Business Model(s) for the Digital Age

  • Successful Digital Business Models: Reinvent and Mix Yours

  • Embrace Disruption: Adapt, Innovate, and Dominate

Module 3: Strategic Planning for Thriving Businesses

  • Successful Digital Business Models: Reinvent and Mix Yours

  • Embrace Disruption: Adapt, Innovate, and Dominate

Module 4: Streamline and Optimize Your Business Processes Across the Entire Business

  • Efficiency Unleashed: Reinventing Operations Across All Units

  • Define the Path to Peak Performance

Module 5: Unleashing Business Innovation and digital Automation Strategy

  • Innovation before automation: Propel Your Business Forward with Design Thinking

  • Automate for Efficiency, not to replace human

  • Your Technology strategy including RPA, AI and more digital technologies.

Module 6: Embrace the Digital Intelligence: Human & Machine Synergy

  • The Power of Collaboration: Humans and Machines Unite

  • Cultivate an agile Culture of Innovation and Empowerment

Module 7: Digitally Enable Your Cohort to Thrive in the New Era

  • How to Transform Your Organization for Sustainable Success

  • Embrace Change management and Agility as your Business Culture in an ever-evolving world

Module 8: Mastering Business Automation and Your Technology Strategy

  • Automation in practice: Streamline Operations, Maximize Output for Growth

  • Achieving Sustainability & progress with technology

  • Technology Adoption, Management and Evolution:

Module 9: Elevate The Employee and Customer Experiences

  • Unleash Your Team Full Potential for Growth and Create a Winning Digital Ecosystem

  • Customer-Centricity: Creating Memorable Experiences and Developing Rewarding Engagement

Module 10: Maximizing ROI: Where Are We Now?

  • Measure Success: Develop your Data Strategy, Monitoring, Decision-Making and Business Performances Systems

  • Optimize Your Investment for Maximum Performance and ROI

In Lieu of Conclusion

  • Time to Thrive!

But hold on, this is just the beginning.

Our goal is to empower you to make your business sustainable in today's ever-evolving digital economy. Discover more of our value proposition to you below.


Live Immersive Learning

Dive into dynamic and interactive sessions led by industry experts and thought leaders. Gain insights, practical techniques, and actionable strategies that will transform the way you do business.

"Digital Cocreators" Membership

Connect and innovate with a diverse network of like-minded business owners and leaders. Learn from their experiences, and forge valuable partnerships that can fuel your business growth.

Real-Life Case Studies

Explore real-world success stories of businesses that have reinvented themselves and leveraged digital automation to achieve remarkable results. Draw inspiration and learn from their strategies.

Hands-On Workshops

Engage in hands-on workshops where you'll apply the concepts learned to your own business. Benefit from personalized guidance & feedback to ensure you're on the right track.

Innovation Mastermind Group

Continuous mentorship, Q&A sessions from our business mentors, inspiring you, and helping you overcome challenges over a one-year period.

Business Success Vault

Gain exclusive access to the business vault, a wealth of resources, toolkits, and templates to support your business digital transformation journey.


  • Reinventing Your Business Vision: Craft a compelling vision that aligns with the digital age and sets the stage for future success.

  • Strategic Planning for Thriving: Develop a robust strategic plan to navigate uncertainty and capitalize on emerging opportunities.

  • Digital Automation and Technologies Innovation: Explore and adopt cutting-edge technologies and automation approaches to optimize your business processes and drive efficiency.

  • Cultivating an Agile and Intelligent Workforce: Unleash the power of human-machine collaboration, fostering an intelligent and agile workforce that propels your business forward.

  • Customer Experience Excellence: Learn how to create exceptional experiences that delight your customers and build long-lasting loyalty.

  • Your ROI - Attaining and Measuring Success: Get results and Gain insights into tracking and measuring the return on investment (ROI) of your business transformation initiatives.

10 Reasons Why You Should Join The Course​​

1. Strategic Reinvention:

Learn how to reinvent your business strategically to leverage the latest digital technologies and thrive in the digital era. This course focuses on reinvention first, before automation, to ensure your business leverages growth opportunities effectively.

2. AI & Disruptive Technologies Mastery:

Gain a deep understanding of Artificial Intelligence (AI), Robotics Process Automation (RPA), and other disruptive technologies. Learn how to strategically incorporate these tools into your business model to maximize your Return on Investment (ROI).

3. Real-World Expertise:

Benefit from Nadia's two decades of experience in leading digital transformations for Fortune companies and large organizations worldwide. Learn from real-world, tried-and-tested strategies. 

4. Exclusive Access to Digital Cocreators Network Platform:

Along with the course, get access to an exclusive network of forward-thinking business leaders and entrepreneurs. Participate in mastermind discussions, live Q&A sessions, and benefit from a continuous exchange of innovative ideas.

5. In-Depth Digital Transformation Knowledge & Certificate of completion:

Obtain a comprehensive understanding of digital transformation - from revamping your business model, culture, strategies, and processes to creating an ecosystem that allows for agility and quick adaptation to market changes.

6. Business Resources Vault & Motivating Business Innovation Network: 

Get access to a range of valuable business resources, including tools, templates, checklists, guides and a supportive network that can aid you in your business transformation journey.

7. Improved Performance and Innovation:

The course is designed to enhance your team's performance and foster a culture of innovation within your organization, enabling you to stay competitive and thrive in the digital age.

8. Personalized Guidance by a multi-award-winning Global Thought Leader: 

M. Nadia Vincent, a top 10 Global Thought Leader recognized by Thinkers 360, awarded Top 30 most inspiring women in AI, spearheads the Business Transformation Accelerator course. Her two decades of experience leading digital transformations for Fortune companies and smaller businesses globally equips you with invaluable expertise and insights.

9. An Accomplished Mentor and Trainer:

Learn from an accomplished author of notable works like "The Digital Transformation Success Formula" and "Leveraging Digital Transformation." Nadia is also an MIT SLOAN certified Digital Innovation Executive Advisor, recognized PMI global trainer and contributor, with a track record of developing numerous training and coaching programs for international organizations, including the US Air force.

10. Risk Mitigation: 

Learn how to mitigate risks associated with digital transformation and ensure your business is not only ready to embrace change but also resilient against potential future challenges.

Join the Business Transformation Accelerator course today and pave the way for a successful and sustainable digital future for your business.


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M. Nadia Vincent, MBA


Marie Nadia Vincent, MBA, is an Executive Advisor specialized in digital transformation leadership, artificial intelligence adoption, and strategic business innovation. The founder and CEO of Digital Transformation Leaders, she is ranked in the Top 10 Global Thought Leaders in Digital Transformation, AI, Innovation, Business Continuity and, Leadership, by Thinkers 360.

​A Senior Business and IT Management Consultant, Board Member, Author, and Speaker, Mrs. Vincent has over two decades of international experience leading and implementing digital transformation for Fortune and large organizations; and also coaching smaller business executives internationally and principally in Europe and North America.  She has led and implemented many business and IT transformation initiatives in various industries internationally. She is an awarded PMI global trainer.

Some Fortune Companies that Nadia has helped transform include Atos Worldline Belgium, Euroclear Belgium & UK, SWIFT, BNP Paribas, ING Bank, Rabbo Bank, ABN-AMRO, Carrefour Group, Electrabel -Engie - GDF, Ikea, Arcelor Mittal and Total. 

​She has been a trainer, guest speaker and influencer on some top Technology industry leaders' platforms and shows including Microsoft, SAP, PMI, The US Air Force, Corporate Learning Network, Engati.

Nadia holds two executive certificates from MIT SLOAN School of Management in Management & Leadership, and Strategy & Innovation, as well an MBA in Global Technology Management, a Business

Management Bachelor and an Associate of Applied Science in Informatics. She speaks English, French, and Spanish, and consults worldwide. ​ She has led and implemented many businesses and IT transformation initiatives in industries such as international banking, trading & settlement, financial services, energy distribution, electronic payments, insurance, European airline traffic control, retail market, petrol distribution, and the European Commission Government. ​​Nadia wrote several books and particularly "The Digital Transformation Success Formula" and "Leveraging Digital Transformation", a reference book in digital transformation leadership. ​An accomplished speaker and trainer, over the years, Nadia has developed many training and coaching programs for various international organizations. She is a regular PMI global contributor and trainer. Nadia was named PMI Global Expert in Technology Change & Transformation Projects (PMI Global Congress 2016-North America - San Diego).

Review and Testimonials


Nadia Vincent’s work is an important contribution to the massive challenge of transforming companies in the digital economy. She provides both deep intellectual insights as well as practical recommendations for managers and leaders alike”.

Douglas Ready, Senior Lecturer, MIT SLOAN School of Management, USA


We are committed to help you thrive in the digital economy. The Business Reinvention and Digital Automation Accelerator is an investment in the success of your business and your future. The package is estimated at a value of $8000, sold as a normal price of $1995 but specially offered to you temporarily for the Live Summer Cohort for a fraction of its price.


Your Live Summer Cohort Package Special

Live Course + Access to recording

Access to our Business Success Vault

1 year membership to the Digital Cocreators Community

1 Year Private Live Mastermind Group Coaching


$ 8099

Normal Price

$ 1995

Your Special Live Summer Cohort Price

$ 495

Make 1 Payment of $495
Pay in 2 monthly Payments of $285
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Unleash Your Business's Full Potential This Summer.

Join us for the Business Reinvention and Digital Automation Accelerator.

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