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Change Project? Drop the Project Management Triangle

Change projects are often related to one or more of the following:

  1. New regulations require change in IT system, security, procedures or way of working

  2. Implementation of new methods and/or new technologies to improve productivity

  3. Merging of businesses as a result of globalization efforts

  4. Outsourcing – offshoring new system and technology development

Change projects often experience some of the following challenges

  1. High employee turnover

  2. Increased delay between due date and delivery date - when there is a delivery

  3. High rate of rework

  4. High level of employee disengagement and decreased job satisfaction

  5. Decreased ROI from what was expected

  6. Underestimated workload and scope

  7. Too long of a learning curve (trial and error, loss of direction, confusion)

Here are four reasons why change project cannot and should not be managed as standard project

  1. Change project involves not only managing, time, cost and scope but as well the crucial responsibility of leading people through what may be a challenging situation at first.

  2. The scope of a change project is significantly enlarged with the following points:

  3. Business and IT Alignment

  4. Organizational dynamics

  5. Extended impact analysis

  6. Regardless of the technical level of the project, Business should work in close proximity with IT and be part of the project team.

  7. Direct implication of IT Top Management is needed, because some changes may / will affect the organization’s IT Strategy.

Nadia Vincent


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