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When Change Divides Previously Harmonious Teams

Change brings chaos at first and sometimes causes division in previously harmonious teams. In fact it happens at all level of an organization. When that happens at the top level of management, the situation is more challenging.

The situation requires for a strong leader to stop in and realign the team. However, you are dealing with people, and the results may vary. They may get along or they may not, depending of team member’s personal objectives and whether they are aligned with the changes.

Two things are important to reinforce at this point.

1. The change goal or mission

It is important to reinforce the goals and bind people with a common goal, a common mission.

2. Trust

Developing trust is a must to positive collaboration.

If the team leader experiences difficulty developing trust in the team by himself/herself, an external consultant or group leadership activity can help best.

Group coaching and team building are great alternatives.

In some instances, if one (or more) person has too big of an ego to the point of causing more challenges than bringing in solutions, sometimes a team reorganization may be the only choice left after having tried the above.

The team leader must accept at a certain point to part ways with a team member who is working against the project goals, else the project goals may be compromised.


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