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Does IT Fly or Hinder Business?

Technology is the motor, the power that help fly business. It should provide speed, flexibility, powerful options and security. IT should in no way hinder business. If it appears that business is slowed down by IT, then business and IT alignment or integration must be reconsidered. Fortunately, that is not rocket science.

Here are five key areas to look at when looking into empowering business and creating more business and IT alignment.

1. Business Processes

Is everybody aware of which business we are in and how our objectives are achieved? This may sound like a dumb question, but I can tell you that it has power if it is well known.

2. Infrastructure (capacity, automation, technical processes).

Is the infrastructure capable of supporting the business adequately? Are we wasting time processing manually recurring jobs that could have been automated? Do these technical jobs processing “officially” exist?

3. Document Management and sharing

There is no excuse for lack of document management and sharing today. Still many organizations, especially international and global teams, are doing it the old way. This is an ineffective and time consuming, therefore, an expensive choice. Organizations that invest in an effective document management system, and apply it, never look back.

4. Operational procedures

As much as businesses need well defined and effective procedures, operation as well needs theirs. I don’t mean expensive brand name in a poorly customized, and barely known, organization. I mean procedures that team members apply regularly and can easily tell you, often from the top of their head if asked. Now, here is a big solution driven question to help you and your organization, “how are these procedures related to the business processes?”

5. Communication flow in the organization

When and how do businesses with IT interact, and when in the process? Can you identify more phases in the process where communication flow can be improved? I know that each party often prefers to not communicate much except for integration or validation some time later. Some believe that they will not be slowed down by the other. As much as there is truth in that, delaying communication until integration or acceptance cause more wasted time than aligning earlier in the process. Furthermore it costs more and causes more conflicts.

By improving in the above areas, you can fly business and IT to a higher level! They have worked for me and my clients over the years. I offer the complete step by step approach in a program that organizations can easily apply.

Here is more power for your organization!!!


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