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Be Agile in Your Digital Learning

As we shift to a fully digital world, there is an urgent need to shift learning from lecturing and acquiring knowledge to working and creating. We need to be more practical and become practitioners. My experience (and that of many people) of corporate learning and many educational institutions in the last 20+ years is that many educate people, but still leave them with the unanswered questions, "what do I do now?, Where do I start?".

Creative people, people with visions and goals, quickly find their way in realizing their own things, but the others still need guidance or to urgently be trained on the job before they forget what they have learned. That is because the practicing part is often far from learning.

With the full digital shift, we have no time to separate learning and doing. It should be an integrated part because there is an urgency to create, to innovate now. After training, participants should not be asking themselves, "now, what do I do?". They should have known and start doing it during the learning session even before they finish it. This is the same approach that the top coaches use. That allows a return on the investment often right away because they train the individual in learning and in doing, breaking mental, physical, intellectual, and attentional barriers all at the same time.

Digital Transformation Leaders makes it a priority to prepare leaders to take their business future in hand from each learning experience. We are agile, experienced trailblazers, and successful digital solutions implementers, so our learning experience allows our leaders to create their digital vision and realize it rapidly. I am consistent with this approach in my book Leveraging Digital Transformation by asking questions and inspiring the readers after each chapter in the section name "Taking Actions!". Hence, they relate to their situation and start "doing," as they are learning. I hope you can adopt this agile approach to learning, so you make the most of your learning investment.

Check out our new Digital Transformation Governance & Leadership Workshop series. They are both courses and workshops combined to help leaders to transform their organizations, their businesses quickly. We focus on a visionary 360° digital transformation instead of responding to changes. Every participant will conceive and start realizing their business or organization's future from these high level and up-to-date courses & workshop series. We provide them the resources, the inspiration, and the motivation to transform now and rapidly so they can prosper. Registration is open for individuals and groups.


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