Transform or Die

But, it is not entirely true for every business. Here’s why.

Not all transformation lead to success, unfortunately. Some only accelerate the business death. I have rescued many transformation projects of all sizes and across several industries. Most of them have in common a poor business transformation approach. Waiting for when tens of thousands or hundreds of millions of investments are at high risk to call for help is not a successful strategy.

"No business can force its way through digital transformation. You need a winning approach to win!"

I created the “Winning Digital Transformation Approach” as a consulting package for clients who were starting digital transformation as well as other businesses I was rescuing. After much positive feedback and demand, it became clear that more companies need that help. I then turned it into a course package with even greater value for entrepreneurs.

Though the satisfaction I get for saving businesses from the worse is gratifying, we can achieve outstanding success without the unnecessary loss, and the desperate pain that goes with it, just by starting right. I guarantee this approach is more rewarding than crawling back from the brink of bankruptcy, and the celebration is much sweeter!
"Winning Digital Transformation Approach" is the first step towards accomplishing your business goals. I'm inviting you to take that first step toward success with me.

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Digital Transformation is not new, despite the buzz around it today. I have been transforming businesses for 20 years, and I’ve seen the trends come and go and identified and implemented only the time-tasted principles. As digital technologies evolve at an even faster pace, the need for transformation is more critical than ever.

Right now could be the last opportunity to stay ahead of the curve and transform your business. Soon the inevitable will happen, and only those who dared to completely and successfully transform their business will remain on the market.

Whether you choose to innovate or disrupt, you must start right or course correct today while you still have time to do so.
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What You Will Learn

  • The two approaches for success in digital transformation.

  • The essentials pillars of successful digital transformation.

  • Business transformation pitfalls and how to avoid them.

  • How to reinvent and redesign your business for the digital age

  • How to innovate, disrupt, and succeed using various digital technologies.

  • What you must prepare before you start your business transformation.

Practical Solutions That You Can Implement

We offer practical video learning lessons, worksheets, assessment quizzes and templates to direct you towards the best solutions for your business. We also offer live Q&A sessions along with additional solutions and tools to help you start your digital transformation journey!

Learn and implement at your own pace. Access the courses and contents at any time for years to come

Even if you have already started transforming your business, you will still reap immense benefits from this program, especially if you are facing unforeseen hurdles. I have used this same program for assessing companies looking to improve their transformation results at nearly every step of the transformation process with nearly identical results. 

Course Curriculum

  • 1

    Welcome to the WDTA course!

    • Student Onboarding
  • 2

    Chapter 1: Digital Transformation or Death

  • 3

    Chapter 2: Essentials Pillars of Successful Business Transformation

    • Introducing Chapter 2
    • Chapter 2. Lesson 1: The 7 pillars and 2 levels of successful business transformation
    • Chapter 2- Lesson 2: The Innovators
    • Chapter 2 - Lesson 3: The Disruptors
    • Chapter 2 Quiz: Test your learning
  • 4

    Chapter 3: Preparing Your Business For Digital Transformation

    • Introducing chapter 3
    • Chapter 3: Lesson 1. Your Business Map
    • Chapter 3 - Lesson 2: Your Business Inventory
    • Chapter 3: Lesson 3. Operating Costs, Productivity and KPI
    • Chapter 3 Quiz
  • 5

    Chapter 4: How to Innovate in Your Business Using Digital Technologies

    • Introducing Chapter 4
    • Chapter 4: Lesson 1. 3 Steps to innovate in your business using digital technology
    • Chapter 4 - Lesson 2: The 3 steps technology innovation applied in different business sector
  • 6

    Chapter 5: Business Reinvention Disruption and Success

    • Introducing Chapter 5
    • Chapter 5 - Lesson 1. What every successful business innovation and disruption have in common
    • Chapter 5 - Lesson 2: How to reinvent your business in 7 steps
    • Chapter 5 - Lesson 3. How to create disruption in your business or your industry with your innovation
    • Chapter 5 - Lesson 4. Virality or the power of digital marketing
    • Chapter 5 - Lesson 5. Producing and delivering the customer experience
    • Chapter 5 Quiz
  • 7

    Chapter 6: The Transformed Leaders' Practices

    • Introducing Chapter 6
    • Chapter 6: Lesson 1. What to expect during transformation
    • Chapter 6: Lesson 2. How Brain Science helps with digital transformation
  • 8

    Chapter 7 : Visioning and designing your ideal business for the digital age

    • Introducing Chapter 1
    • Chapter 7: Lesson 1. The power of your personal vision
    • Chapter 7: Lesson 2. Designing your own powerful business vision
  • 9

    Summary and Closing

    • Congratulations, Bonus and thank you!

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Marie Nadia Vincent

Digital Transformation Executive Advisor, Senior IT & Business Management Consultant, MBA, PMP, Author, DTL Founder

Marie Nadia Vincent

M. NADIA VINCENT is an author, professional keynote speaker, leadership coach, and digital transformation leadership consultant. She earned a Master of Business Administration degree (MBA) from UBI with a specialization in IT Management. Nadia also is a Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) Certified Digital Transformation Executive Advisor. She holds two MIT Sloan School of Management Executive Certificates respectively in Strategy and Innovation and, in Management and Leadership. Furthermore, Nadia is also MIT certified in Artificial Intelligence Executive Advising. Nadia is the author of the book The Digital Transformation Success Formula; How Executives and Managers Can Lead, Engage and Transform Their Organizations. Strategic, results-oriented, empathetic, and creative, she is on a mission to helping executives and organizations transform their business, improve team performance, innovate, and succeed in the digital age while improving individual happiness. Nadia travels throughout the world delivering speaking engagements related to leadership, change management, digital transformation, and innovation. She fluently speaks English, French, Spanish and Creole. An accomplished project/program manager, speaker, and trainer, over the years, Nadia has developed many training and coaching programs for various international organizations. She is also a regular PMI Global contributor and trainer. A global IT Management Consultant with over two decades of experience in the American and European continents with Fortune 500 companies, Nadia possesses great experience managing high profile business transformation projects, including leading international and offshore teams, in different sectors. She has led and implemented many businesses and IT transformation projects in industries such as international banking, trading & settlement, financial services, energy distribution, electronic payments, insurance, European airline traffic control, retail market, petrol distribution, and the European government. Originally from the Caribbean, Nadia has lived and worked in numerous countries throughout the world, and currently resides in Brussels, Belgium.