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A lot of things that happen to us in our lives are unavoidable. We can’t change that. But we can change how we deal with life and with other people. In Sharp In, author Nadia Vincent gives us invaluable advice on how to deal with everyday occurrences in our lives, based on the latest discoveries in brain science and psychology.

Nadia works as an international IT Management Consultant and has experienced a lot of stress in both her professional and personal lives. All that stress led Nadia down the path of burnout, but she didn’t take that lying down. Instead, Nadia teamed up with brain researchers, psychologists and neuroscientists from around the world. Nadia applied all of her findings and created the "End Burn Out" Project.

Nadia brings her extensive research and training to bear as she guides readers through several important aspects of how we see things in life and how we respond to what we see. She outlines for the reader how our brains work and then provides several importance tips for how to improve our attitudes, our efficiency, our effectiveness and our overall outlook on life and work. This book is written to help readers handle stress better, manage change better, and perhaps most importantly, help readers free themselves from their own minds.


Nadia takes readers through these important topics:

•Understanding how your brain works
•Maximizing the power of your brain with "innercises"
•The benefits of being happy and having a positive attitude
•Discovering your true power within
•Improving your communication skills
•Increasing the benefit of your emotions
•Changing your reality with the power of your brain
•Effectively and efficiently managing your time – getting more done with less time
•Prioritizing tasks efficiently
•Managing distractions
•And more …
The final section is a compilation of some extraordinary stories and interviews with remarkable people who overcame adversity as well.
All of Nadia’s advice, when applied, will help you find happiness and wealth. Stop waiting for good things to happen to you and make them happen yourself! Sharp In shows you how.

Finally, a cutting edge Brain Reprogramming and Stress Management Solution is offered as a gift, free to the reader, online.

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