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The Deadliest IT Security Mistake in Times of Change

Information technology system security is of capital importance for us even more now than ever before. Most IT systems in many organizations are in a transitional phase where they are implementing strategic change as well. Do you know that while implementing changes, your IT security is twice at risk, and even easier to hack?

Many organizations choose to forego all, or most, security rules until all migrations are completed and stable. This is a deadly mistake. For example, if you remove the firewall on your information system while in transition, and allow your work to progress without being blocked, other security rules must be applied to secure and mitigate the risk of intrusion.

During these periods of change, there can be great disorganization. The unsettled and high emotions of your employees may create an ideal time for a security breach. It is the perfect situation that hackers long for. Transition time requires reinforced, transitional security measures.

As an IT leader you must: (excuse the authoritative tone, my role is to have your back)

  • Know how to plan and reinforce IT security during transition time.

  • Have an effective Disaster Recovery Plan that your team is well trained to use in crisis time.


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