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How to Motivate Your Team to Prevent Disengagement

Motivating your team is imperative to the well-being of its members and the accomplishment of the goal. If you don’t motivate your team, you’ll experience more employee disengagement. While motivating others isn’t always easy, there are many ways you can help to unleash the power and potential of your team. Engaged people are the fuel of your organization.

Here are a few simple but powerful leadership skills you can easily incorporate to bring out the best in others:

  1. Ask questions that allow people to think further rather than giving direct orders.

  2. Ask questions that help you identify what you can help people with (watch for body language)

  3. Give specific and sincere praise for accomplishments, so as to let people know that you have noticed.

  4. Celebrate achievement and successes.

  5. Treat others the way you would like to be treated.

  6. Respect the professionalism and expertise of those you supervise. Ask for their input in planning, and give them autonomy and authority to complete projects.

Motivating others isn’t always easy because motivation comes from within them. Therefore why holistic approach of personal development give best results. We are surrounded by hidden potentials. It’s not about what you have to control, but about what you can help unleash.

Are you ready to unleash some potential today?


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