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How to Engage Your Employees for a Successful 2015

Your level of employee’s engagement is directly proportional to your level of employee appreciation. At year’s end, we hold end-of-the-year parties, give gifts to our employees and wish them the best for the New Year. The depth of appreciation we demonstrate is the key to our employee’s engagement.

Here are the best ways that employees wish their employers show more appreciation, based on a survey we did in May 2014 with 200 participants globally.

1. Caring about employees as much as employers care for their client

Recognize that employees have personal goals that they do not always share. It is not always about their salary and compensation plan. The organizations that acknowledge this and allow their people the freedom and support necessary to reach their desired personal development and goals, regardless of the company’s interest, scores the most points with their employees.

2. Contribute to their holistic well-being

Employees are more sensitive to corporate culture that emphasizes a complete or holistic well-being approach. Corporate wellness should be not just physical, but also emotional, professional, and personal.

3. Help them better adjust to Changes

Many changes at once can be overwhelming for people. When changes are not well lead, the chaos created can leave them disoriented and demotivated. However when people see that these changes were carefully planned and that they are being lead through them, they are more willing to embrace the changes and make the best of them.


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