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How EFK HR Solved Disengagement and Absenteeism

EFK has been experiencing employee disengagement for a few years. HR is doing the 4th program with the goal to change the corporation to a more dynamic workplace. They have seen some improvement but they often reach status quo. Here is what has been going on.

EFK introduces an employee wellness program and a nutrition program. The organization even has a new service of fresh fruit for their employees twice a week. They still experience a considerable level of people taking sickness leave for stress-related reasons and poor performance.

Then they turn to the “Energized Corps Program”. Here is what the organization has acquired from Energized Corps E-learning and conference / Webinars over a 5 week period.

  1. Shifting Mindset

  • How to relax and let go to gain momentum and insight, how to manage stress effectively and engage in self-care (level 1) practically.

  • Mindset shift in experience: Neuro-programming.

  1. Creating Work-Life Balance

  • How to identify problem areas to bring about more well-being and provided with ideas on how to implement improvements plus fool-proof self-care level 2 evaluation and action points.

  • A harmonized or balanced life through Neuro-programming experience.

  1. Living one’s ideal life

  • Confidence and self-awareness for personal choices.

  • A deep journey within for self-fulfillment: Neuro-programming.

  1. Focusing To Achieve Goals and Objectives

  • How to focus on what matters, plan and work until success is achieved.

  • A focus-driven journey to one’s objectives: Neuro-programming experience.

  1. Managing Life Changes

  • Learned how to manage life changes as they come to pass so that opportunities can be found and lessons learned.

  • Experiencing change: Neuro-programming.

  1. Conference and Webinars on Group Dynamics

  • The Group motivation and dynamics conference brings productive people together to work toward common goals regardless of differences and challenges.

Based on the “Energized Corps Program”, EFK people adjusts their habits to make the lessons learned part of their lifestyle habits.

As a result, EFK experiences positive transformation. The number of people who engage in their sport and nutrition program increased significantly from 20% to 80% in the next three months.

Over a 6 month period, productivity increased, employee absenteeism dropped drastically, and well-being at work improved. The whole organization was re-energized and morale was boosted to levels previously unseen.


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