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Digital Transformation Or Death, Make Your Choice!

A few years ago, I watched in awe (like many of us) as Elon Musk unveils his latest innovation, the solar rooftop with glass tiles. An outstanding solution that is set to disrupt both the energy and the construction industries. Elon represents a type of digital transformation leader that I call 'the chief disruptor' in my new book.

Last month, as I prepared some quizzes on the different types of digital transformation leaders I defined in my book Leveraging Digital Transformation, I thought about Elon for a little while. I expected another innovation from him somewhere next year. But, he was faster. Fast and faster, that's the speed at which digital transformation is going and you don't want to be left behind.

Digital transformation will impact your life one way or another, like the industrial era had impacted our lives and that of our parents and grandparents. Whether you are aware of it or not, you will be making a choice between “digital transformation or death”. Leaders have to decide first. I help them make the right decisions and guide them to succeed when they choose digital transformation.

Every leader, no matters your title, your industry, or your work status as an entrepreneur or an employee, you want to be involved. Digital Transformation will affect you both personally and professionally.

What is Digital Transformation?

Digital transformation is how the latest digital technologies combined with strategic business innovation are reshaping the actual era, reinventing businesses, organizations and our lifestyles. Many professions as we know them today will disappear in a couple of years. Many of you have already changed careers or experienced the loss of a job. We see many “ends” but digital transformation also offers many “beginnings” and that is what I want to guide you to take advantage of.

Digital Transformation and Leadership

Technology itself is evolving fast, but it will not create the transformation by itself. I have as proof the many millions euros/dollars technology and business projects that I had the opportunity to either manage, lead, participate in or witness in the corporate world (and especially in Fortune 500 companies) over the last 20 years. In fact, relying too much on technology is the number one reason for technology project’s failure. Leaders are creating the transformation. Our lifestyles, businesses, and organizations will be how our leaders shape them.

Leveraging Digital Transformation is aimed at empowering leaders so they can transform themselves first, and then transform our organizations, businesses, and lives efficiently.


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