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Change Project vs Change in a Project

I have received several similar questions recently where I was asked whether all projects are not change projects, for they have changes in them. It is a basic question but a very important one. Change in a project and a Change Project are two different things.

Change in a project

Every project has changes in them; it is a fact. You also have to manage change in requirements, technology, resources, risk, and impacts, etc. That is part of every project and is completely different from a “change project”.

Change Project versus change in a project

A Change Project involves deeper changes or disruptions that are going to bring a transformation of some sort. The term “Change Project” implies an in-depth change in one or all of the following areas:

  • The way of working (processes, organizational strategy)

  • The tools and standards that we usually work with (new methods adoption, new regulations, new technology implementation)

  • The organization structure (merger, globalization, environment, global sourcing)

These are the changes that move people out of their comfort zone, throw them off-balance and create profound resistance. Therefore you need more knowledge, guidance, support, and coaching to lead such projects.


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