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As the world has gone from the industrial age to the digital age, so has doing business gone digital. It means that every business should now operate digitally, else it will close down in a relatively short term.

While digital includes the need for digital technology, only with proper leadership and innovative strategy added to digital technology we can achieve digital success.


We have entered the 2nd machine age of the digital age. We have been in the digital age for some decades, but it was the first machine age. During that time we used the computer and machine to help us operate businesses around the world. However, the machine or the computers were not intelligent, and humans were the central brain and force doing the work, using the machine capacity.

Now in the 2nd machine age, the machine becomes intelligent, meaning that the machine or computers have attained some high level of intelligence and can "think, analyze, decide, reproduce, copy, automate, work by itself." That changes everything!


It simply means that there is a new business intelligence that is on many aspects more powerful than the human brain and/or the dumb machine alone. Therefore any business (for-profit or non-profit) that does not take advantage of that new business intelligence will soon be outrun or left behind.

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As someone who has been transforming organizations from Fortune 100 organizations to small businesses for more than 20 years, I can tell you that there is a big misunderstanding about digital business transformation and a confusing buzz around "digital transformation."


Please don't fall for the buzz because it is as deadly as doing nothing. Investing and embracing buzzy digital knowledge and products can lead to "digital death" even faster than not transforming your business. It happened to both large and small businesses in the past years, and I know very well, for I got to help rescue many.


With the COVID-19, the speed of transformation is so fast that you don't have time to wait and see or learn without doing anything. It would be best to have practical guidelines that you can easily understand without the buzz and implement rapidly.


Let's face it; technology has become affordable and available for businesses of all sizes, so digital technology is not a competitive advantage anymore.


The one thing that will make a difference for your business is your Digital Executive strategy. That is your business' full digital executive strategy and not just marketing strategy or sales strategy.


It is necessary to shift your whole business to the digital age to succeed and not a part of it.



Digital Transformation Executive Strategy course delivers the precise guidelines to follow to transform your business for the digital age, regardless of its size. The solution applies to every sector, for it addresses the different choices and possibilities.

This coaching program's innovative digital strategies have in a short to medium timeframes

  • helped Fortune organizations achieve billions more

  • facilitate small businesses to create their first million

  • helped many others to grow to 8, 9, 10 figures revenues. 


You'll find insights and instructions to apply to every aspect, every area of your business. It includes business models, resources strategy, marketing, sales, production, positioning, innovation, revenue models, and more. They apply to any business size; you need to choose your business situation and apply the strategies to your context and goals to thrive in the digital age.


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